The logistics industry of Ukraine is in a favorable environment. Despite the common difficulties in the development of this business, the beginning of 2017 was successful for Ukraine.

FIDIC standards in Ukraine

The first positive news concerns the further development of the shipping industry. The standards of the International Association of Design Engineers (FIDIC) are planning to be introduced in the Ukrainian ports. This was stated by representatives of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). The financial institution has extensive experience in the use of FIDIC contracts, which it can share with Ukraine. Representatives of the Institute are ready to tell the Ukrainians all the subtleties of this case, to talk about the prospects for the application. They will also assist the AMPA in working with the tender documentation. Such changes will positively influence the development of the industry and will improve the work of this industry.

The positive dynamics of coal imports

The second news – Ukraine showed good results for coal imports in early 2017. In January, it was possible to import 1.249 million tons of hard coal and anthracite. Coal was delivered to Ukraine mainly from the USA, Russia, and Kazakhstan. In total, the result increased to 61%, in comparison with the data for the previous year. There is a good result showing in the export of coal for the last month in Ukraine. In Turkey, Slovakia, Bosnia, and Herzegovina, Ukraine delivered 45 thousand tons. What do such high results mean? First of all, this indicates the optimization of the industry and positive prospects for the whole year.

Export of goods to Canada

The situation is also good in the logistical cooperation of Ukraine with the first-world countries.  Soon, Ukraine will be able to improve cooperation with Canada. Natalia Mikolskaya, the Trade Representative of Ukraine, reports that Ukraine is planning to increase the export of goods to Canada at an early date. Now we will be able to deliver 10 times more goods to a rather developed country. Recently, a number of products Ukraine exported to Canada were minimal. In December 2016, Canada opened a free trade zone to Ukraine. In case the decision is supported by the Senate, Ukraine will have excellent prospects in creating reliable logistical ties.

Audit of Ukrainian seaports

Another important event in the industry – a review is planned in Ukraine to check all the necessary requirements for the operation of ports. This important but difficult work was undertaken by the PG “Administration of the seaports of Ukraine.” AMPU will audit the companies and its main branches, taking into account international financial reporting standards. First of all, it will attract international experts in the field, as well as increase the transparency of AMPU finances. Specialists in this area say that the conducted audit will have a positive effect on the development of the marine industry of Ukraine and will enhance the reputation of the AMPU.

Handling of goods for January 2017

Transshipment of property at Ukrainian ports increased by 14.6% in the first month of 2017. This can be an excellent prospect for the development of this area throughout the 2017 year. By the results of January, the amount of cargo handled by Ukrainian ports is 10,032 million tons.

The number of processed imported goods in the ports of Ukraine increased by 30.3%, compared to the previous year. The reverse situation is in internal transshipment – the indicators decreased by 9%.

The growth of cargo transshipment is visible both in private and in state ports of Ukraine. Positive dynamics is noticeable in the ports “Olvia,” “Southern,” “Odessa,” “Kherson.”