Customs clearance with ARDI Logistics in Ukraine

Customs clearance in Ukraine is the process of obtaining all necessary permits for the import or export of cargo. We specialize in customs clearance in order to simplify the procedure of international transportation for our customers.

Why is customs clearance with ARDI Logistics the best choice?

  1. Preparing a full package of documents for customs clearance of goods professionally and quickly;
  2. Providing consultation about correct coding of goods;
  3. Calculating and optimize customs payments;
  4. Helping to prepare all the necessary certificates and permits;
  5. Contribute to fill in the cargo customs declaration quickly and correctly;
  6. Providing full range of services to support your goods at customs;
  7. The best prices for customs clearance services are guaranteed;
  8. Professional consultancy support by specialists of ARDI Logistics.

ARDI Logistics has issued more than one hundred packets of permits. Our experts know how to make this process as quick and inexpensive. By entrusting us with customs clearance, our customers can be sure that the documents always will be issued on time.

Import customs clearance

Customs clearance of goods for import is the fulfillment of the necessary formalities that arise when there is a need to move goods and vehicles across the customs border, as well as in case of changing the regime for duty. Customs formalities allow the importation of goods into the territory of Ukraine for free use without any restrictions on the length of stay of property in the country.

For the import of goods, it is necessary to have a whole package of accompanying financial and freight transport documents, which is confirmed by the circumstances and conditions of the import of goods into
the Ukraine territory.

We will help to prepare promptly, execute and provide documents prescribed by law, such as:

  • Import license.
  • Certificate of conformity, phytosanitary certificates, certificates of origin.
  • Veterinary permit to import goods of animal origin.
  • The resolution report of the State Consumer Protection Service of Ukraine (sanitary-epidemiological conclusion).

Export customs clearance

Customs clearance of exports includes not only the payment of customs fees, according to the legislation for duty of Ukraine, but also the provision of the control for the custom all the necessary documentation required for your products (certificates, licenses, permits).

According to the new Customs Code of Ukraine, export – is a complex of actions after which the goods are released for free use outside the Ukraine territory without obligation of their re-importation.

The ARDI Logistics Company provides a full range of customs clearance services for export as soon as possible.

The registration process includes the following stages:

  1. Each item must be correctly identified, that means to define the UKTVED code – it is necessary to pass the further control services.
  2. Most goods require passage from 5 control authorities, and, besides, a significant amount of cargo, calls for additional permits. Often the necessary services are located in different parts of the city, also, expect a response for at least a week.
  3. Proper filling of the customs declaration – one of the most important steps for successful completion of the border. For completing this document is required specialized knowledge, as it is half-encrypted, and therefore easy to make a small mistake. Experts from ARDI Logistics cope with this task quickly and efficiently.
  4. Our brokers will help file the necessary declaration to the appropriate customs authorities.
  5. In the last step, we will help to successfully and timely complete all inspectorates. We provide full-cycle customs clearance so that you get the product for free use.

The vast majority of our customers trusted us a comprehensive product support in customs bodies!

How to order the service of customs clearance?

To order this service, you need to contact one of our experts in customs registration by calling us on the phone or writing an email message, listed in the Contacts section. You can also use a particular form in the miscalculation of “Shipping cost.”