Sea container freight is cost-efficient

Sea container load is the most popular way of delivering goods and cargo to Ukraine. In the concrete, everything that can be seen in our supplies was provided to our country in containers. This type of transportation is perfectly suitable when cargo needs to be delivered for long distances. The main feature of working with ARDI Logistics is the finest price and high quality of the provided services.

The work process in ARDI Logistics is built on the significant optimization of the time of documentation execution, customs clearance, as well as the ground delivery of the container to the client. Our company provides container shipping from China, USA, Europe, Canada and a range of other countries. The price of sea container freight often changes depending on the price policy of container lines, and this is why it is so important to choose a reliable freight forwarding agent, who able to mitigate your risks and offer the most favorable price.

International container shipping with ARDI Logistics

At ARDI Logistics we ensure international container carriages in two basic formats: FCL and LCL. With FLC delivery, the container is load with your cargo, and you pay the entire freight cost. With LCL – you can transport small consignments of goods from several senders, thereby significantly saving the budget. This service is also called the delivery of consolidated cargo, and it is especially popular in delivering small consignments to Ukraine or carrying goods from China to Amazon. This feature makes container shipping attractive not only for large and medium-sized but also for small businesses.

ARDI Logistics is a team of professionals. We offer not only the delivery of any types of cargo at the best rates but also a full range of accompanying services.

  • Sea freight with ARDI Logistics is the best choice, and that’s why:
  • We take into account the type of the cargo and the urgency of delivery, so we offer a prompt transfer of the container to the loading terminal or warehouse.
  • Our service is covering not only average but also multimodal types of freight. ARDI Logistics has a wide-ranging partner network, and our team is consists of only highly qualified professionals with more than five years of experience in logistics. This makes it possible to ensure the shipping of consolidated cargo without any problems or delays.
  • Finest cost of the service due to the best route optimization.
  • Despite the fact, there are only three main directions for container carriages in Ukraine: Asia, the USA, Europe – ARDI Logistics without problems will deliver cargo from anywhere in the world.
  • We offer the fast registration of documents. We have many years of experience working with different types of cargo: we are well versed with all the details and understand the importance and complexity of each stage of preparation for the customs clearance procedure, which allows us to issue the required package of documents in the shortest possible time.
  • The specialists of our company will develop for you the most efficient route and delivery schedule so that on the one hand you will never have excessive oversupplies in the warehouse, and on the other, you will never face a lack of raw materials, goods or components. You will always know where your cargo is and at what stage now its delivery because the carriage process will be accompanied by a personal manager.
  • We always do our best to ensure your cargo reaches the destination within the agreed timeframe and only the circumstances of insuperable force can detain us.
  • We are always keeping in touch with our customers and ready to provide all the necessary information about the cargo at every stage of delivery or clearance.
  • We offer only the highest quality of our services and appreciate the trust of our customers; therefore we always take into account and observe all the safety standards of freights. We assume the responsibility for the security and integrity of the cargo.
  • We value our customers and always quickly respond to the questions that can arise during the process of delivery. We are always ready to make adjustments and provide our clients with professional advice.

How to order sea container freight in Ukraine?

To order sea container freight in Ukraine, you can contact us using the phone number or email provided in the Contacts section. If you are interested in the price of delivery of a particular cargo by sea, you can share with us all the details, using the unique form in the section Calculating the cost of delivery.