Consolidated cargo delivery is cost-effective!

Delivery of consolidated shipments is a subspecies of transportations when you rent not all container, but only that part of the volume which is necessary for transportation of your cargo. Due to this, the transportation of consolidated cargoes is cheaper than all other types of delivery.

How does this happen? It is straightforward! After receiving the application, your shipment arrives at the consolidation warehouse. At the next stage we will arrange it with several other cargoes which need to be transported to the same country and, after passing the procedure of customs clearance, we ship the container to the destination country.

The length of delivery of consolidated cargoes is somewhat longer than that of traditional sea shippings. This is explained by the expectation in the consolidation warehouse and a slightly longer process of customs clearance. However, there are no reasons to be worried about your cargo will be stuck in the port. The terms difference is only a few days, but the cost of transportation as part of the combined load can be several times cheaper than renting the entire container. This is especially actual when you need to deliver a small batch of goods in order not to create surplus stock or if you do not order large lots at all.

The business areas where demand the delivery of goods by assembled parties is quite broad. This option is perfect for small businesses, where it can significantly save costs on logistics. At the same time, medium and large firms can also derive entirely benefit, only because it is possible to arrange much more optimal deliveries of cargo from various counterparties in one container or order trial lots of goods for less money.

How to order consolidated cargo delivery to Ukraine

Here everything is quite simple. The order for delivery of groupage shipments can be issued by the phone specified in the Contacts section. If you know exactly the weight, volume, and port of sending the goods, you can immediately send us this information in the part of the Delivery Calculation.