Air freight is the most efficient way of transporting goods over long distances, although the most costly. Today, international cargo air services are the fastest and most reliable way of delivering products to anywhere in the world. If you want the cargo to be delivered to the destination in the shortest possible time, use the services of air transportation from ARDI Logistics.

The cost of air cargo is the highest among all delivery options. It happens that the price for air transportation can exceed the cost of the cargo itself. Because of this, air transport is most often used for valuable, perishable and small-sized cargoes that need to be delivered to the country as quickly as possible. Freight air transportations will also suit in cases when it is necessary to deliver a cargo requiring special conditions of transportation.

These cargoes include medical products, art objects, etc. Air transportation allows you to deliver cargo to Ukraine in 5-7 days.

The main advantages of air freight:

  • It saves your time. The speed of air travel reduces the time of delivery of cargo to record short terms. By ordering the service at ARDI Logistics, you will be able to protect yourself from unnecessary time and money and will be able to concentrate on your business while our team will take care of all aspects of transportation.
  • It saves your money. Despite the fact that this delivery is recognized as one of the most expensive, the prices for the transportation of goods from the company ARDI Logistic are very loyal. They are also as transparent and understandable for each client.
  • It is absolutely protected and secure. When ordering a service from us, each customer can be sure of meeting the delivery deadlines and the safety of his cargo during the transportation to the destination, thanks to the insurance service, which is mandatory for all types of transportation by air. In addition, the highest level of service and customer support in our company provides assistance in the organization of air transportation at all stages, starting with advice on issuing permits for customs and ending with the transfer to the airport for further transportation of the goods.

International air cargo transportations

International air transport with ARDI Logistics allows you to deliver any type of goods over long distances quickly. Large companies use this method of delivery in the case of working with particularly valuable goods or a short shelf life of products. Most often, air delivery services are resorted to when necessary to deliver fragile or expensive art items, medications, or goods that can deteriorate in the conditions of long transportation to remote destinations.

What is included in the price of air cargo services:

  • Consultations for registration of permits at the customs
  • Organization of air freight
  • Terrestrial delivery of goods to the airport from the warehouse of the customer
  • Execution of transportation insurance
  • Air delivery and registration at the airport
  • Delivery of cargo to the destination from the airport by land transport

How to order an air freight delivery

Make an order for air delivery of cargo is not difficult. Contact us at the phone number indicated in the Contacts section or send a request for a calculation with all shipping details and cargo characteristics in the section Calculating delivery.