We are not the oldest player on the Ukrainian market, but undoubtedly one of the most progressive

ARDI Logistics is a group of professionals, each with more than five years of experience in this industry. Thereby, we always know how to organize the delivery of any cargo from anywhere in the world in the best and the fastest way. ARDI Logistics specializes in the sea, road and air transportation, as well as the delivery of groupage cargos and customs clearance. By choosing the ARDI Logistics, you want the highest quality of delivery service!

Our advantages:


We accompany our customers on all stages of delivery service, beginning with document clearance to delivery to your warehouse. You will always know where your cargo exactly is and when it arrives at the destination.

Customer Focus

We are always ready to help you in all aspects with regards to transportation and doing everything possible to ensure that once ordering the delivery service at our company will be the strong reason to become our regular customer.

Best Delivery Terms

We know how expensive the time is. That is why the origin of our service is the desire to deliver goods as fast as possible as far as allow the industry and the chosen type of transport.

Global service

While many freight forwarders are working with only a few of the most popular countries for the Ukrainian market, ARDI Logistics is ready to help you with delivery from almost anywhere in the world.